Friday, January 22, 2010

SNOW SHOW featured artist: Karen Walter

Beginning with basic tools and organic forms, Karen Walter has been building an ongoing grid of mixed media drawings for several years.  While still cleaving to the same 7"x7" format, the drawings have evolved in complexity, materials, and technique; now incorporating diverse elements including letterpress, antique papers, and etching.  Her mark-making has also evolved and diversified, integrating scratch-work and gouges alongside lyrical, flowing ink washes.  We are especially pleased to include Karen in the show, since she had originally worked on the grid drawings during a residency at the former Contemporary Arts Center, which was housed in the loft next door.  Now based in her studio in Waltham, this show presents an almost poetic opportunity to return Karen's work to the Beaver Mill at a later state in their evolution, as well as North Adams'.


  1. I love Karen's work. It has an other worldly and yet organic feel to it.