2010 Shows


We are pleased to report that the tradition of artists working from the model  is very much alive.  As evidence, studio21south submits "The Model is Posing", which examines contemporary approaches to this timeless subject.

Thor Wickstrom
Artists in this show use work from the model to varying degrees.  For some, it is the core of their practice, for others, an ongoing exercise to "keep in shape", for others, a fondly-remembered essential component of their training which they rarely revisit.  Work in the show includes straightforward depictions of the figure as well as the connection between artist and model. The studio itself also takes its place as a subject.

Featuring:  Sam Goodsell, Yuka Imata, Eric March, Julia Morgan-Leamon, Joel Rudnick, Katy Schneider, Thor Wickstrom and Jerry Weiss.
Katy Schneider
Eric March

Sam Goodsell

Jerry Weiss

Eric Michelson

Joel Rudnick

Julia Morgan-Leamon

July 31-September 6th
Opening, Saturday, July 31 3-7pm

Jaye Fox, "Snake Eyes and Boxcar"
New York has long been an inspiration for its artist-inhabitants, but as artists settle further and further from the iconic city center, this may lead to a whole new slew of icons for New York City.  As much as the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park defined the last century, the painters in this show may well redefine our perception of the City in the 21st Century.  The subject matter found at the City fringes is rich and diverse, including lots of references to the means of getting on and off the various islands, and all kinds of arresting new images that exist at the City's fringes.  Who knew there were houseboats in the Bronx?  Ever stopped to consider the painterly possibilities of that lurid-colored insulation that you see on all those half-built condos?  Many of the works bridge the gap between representation and abstract art, and also reiterate the case for realist painting in this age dominated by photographic images.

This ambitious show features Valeri Larko, Eric March, Thor Wickstrom, and other gallery artists.

Valeri Larko "Queensboro Plaza"

Eric March, "Building"

Valeri Larko, "Houseboats"

Thor Wickstrom, "The Great Curve"



June 26-July 25th
Opening June 26th, 3-7pm

Privileges of being an artist are, arguably, few and far between.  One of them, however, is certainly the opportunity it provides to capture singular moments of everyday life.  A happenstance arrangement in the kitchen, the way the late afternoon light falls across a simple piece of furniture, or plays along a hardscrabble field.  This show offers a painterly survey of some of these humble moments.

Please join us for what is quite possibly our most lyrical show to date. 

Henry Buerkholtz, Ocala

Robert Henri Lafond, Stratton Road

Julia Morgan-Leamon, Potting Shed