Saturday, October 16, 2010

North Adams Open Studios this weekend!

North Adams Open Studios includes art galleries as well as studios, and as a working studio / fine art gallery, studio21south is a bit of both!  Come visit us, Saturday, October 16th and Sunday, October 17th, 10am-6pm.

In our main gallery, our contemporary figure show, "The Model is Posing" is on view, and there's landscapes, interiors, and more on view in the hall gallery.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

aww...remember when? that's Karen Kane, hanging her work for our first show!

How time flies.  We've been the Berkshires' northernmost art gallery for a whole year now!  It's been a blast putting together these exhibits, and sharing the work of our amazing contemporary realist and abstract artists with all of you. And, what better way to celebrate than with another opening!  Come by today for the opening of our fifth show, "The Model is Posing", 3-7pm!

nice tushi, Eric Michelson!  stunning drawings in "The Model is Posing"

Good times!