Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frank Curran Printmaking Demo

Day 1 of North Adams Open Studios was great!  Highlight was Frank Curran's demo of his woodblock carving process.  Love the smell of fresh wood shavings!

Frank is using an antique copying press, originally intended to make single copies of manuscripts & letters, as a portable press for wood block printing

Friday, October 14, 2011

Demos & performance this weekend!

First off, Saturday, October 15 and Sunday October 16 is North Adams Open Studios!  studio21south will be open throughout, 10-6 on Sat., and 10-4 on Sun.  This is also the last weekend of  "Going Coastal" and our last official weekend of the season!

We've also got two great artist demos this weekend, featuring "Going Coastal" and gallery artists Frank Curran and Julia Morgan-Leamon

Frank Curran, "Beginning"
On Saturday from 1-3, the irrepressible Frank will demonstrate woodblock cutting for making prints on paper. He will have on hand a small hand press and ink rollers, as well as examples of other types of blocks used in relief printing such as wood engraving and metal type. (What's wood engraving, and why is it not plain old wood block printing, you ask? Come see!)  

..and your presence + participation are required for Julia's workshop on Sunday from 1-3:30. "Flee, Fly, Fall!" is an experimental painting performance. Participants will assist in making a painting about motion (specifically the 'moment before the fall') by posing either in the air OR enacting the position of being in the air, and/or being traced directly onto the paper. Julia will trace, draw, photograph, and paint; she will capture the motion by overlaying and overlapping these gestures on a large painting surface.

Julia Morgan-Leamon, "Tipping Point"