Fall 2010: The Model is Posing

We are pleased to report that the tradition of artists working from the model  is very much alive.  As evidence, studio21south submits "The Model is Posing", which examines contemporary approaches to this timeless subject.

Thor Wickstrom
Artists in this show use work from the model to varying degrees.  For some, it is the core of their practice, for others, an ongoing exercise to "keep in shape", for others, a fondly-remembered essential component of their training which they rarely revisit.  Work in the show includes straightforward depictions of the figure as well as the connection between artist and model. The studio itself also takes its place as a subject.

Featuring:  Sam Goodsell, Yuka Imata, Eric March, Julia Morgan-Leamon, Joel Rudnick, Katy Schneider, Thor Wickstrom and Jerry Weiss.
Katy Schneider
Eric March

Sam Goodsell

Jerry Weiss

Eric Michelson

Joel Rudnick

Julia Morgan-Leamon